Episode 1 - Space Babies: A fun and simple episode. I liked it. 7/10

Episode 2 - The Devil's Chord: Fantastic episode. Maestro is an incredible villain. I hope to see them again. 8/10

Episode 3 - Boom: Really intense and painful episode. I didn't cry but I was close to. Steven Moffat at his best. 10/10

Episode 4 - 73 Yards: I liked Ruby being the center of the episode, it reminds me of episodes like Blink and Turn Left. I still have questions which haven't been answered, I wonder if it's on purpose. I still enjoyed the episode, it's just not my favourite! 6/10

Episode 5 - Dot and Bubble: This episode reminded me of a Black Mirror episode. I liked it a lot. Seeing the Doctor's reaction to failure was really saddening (as it always is when it happens). 8.5/10

Episode 6 - Rogue: Solid episode, I loved Rogue and I really hope he comes back later in the show. He has to become a character like Jack and River! 10/10

Episode 7 - The Legend of Ruby Sunday: A masterpiece. 10/10

Episode 8 - Empire of Death: A(nother) masterpiece. 10/10